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Our philosophy is simple; build trust between you, the handler, and your dog through exercise, discipline and affection.  We utilize that trust through positive training techniques, to get the results you want.
Founded in 2008, Behavior Plus is a family-owned and -operated business. It all started when the Pugliese family was faced with an obstacle. In 2006  they found a stray pit-bull, rummaging the garbage for food. When they brought the dog to the animal hospital, they gave them two options, bring him to your home and take care of him, or put him to sleep. When Frank (father, founder, trainer), heard the option he, right away, said “Bring him home”. When his oldest daughter, Nicole, brought the puppy, Louie, home Frank fell in love right away. Days went by and different problems with Louie kept appearing. Frank refused to give up and began to research pit-bulls. Eventually he  contacted a pit-bull rescue group. Frank knew if he wanted to keep this dog he would have to take classes. After 6 months of classes, Over 300 hrs with Louie, Behavior Plus was formed .
Today Behavior Plus continues grow. Having accumulated over 7000 hours with aggressive dogs Behavior Plus has become the go to trainer for the tough and difficult cases.

Behavior Plus still maintains a strong clientele with good dogs just needing  some advise and basics. From the toughest most aggressive to the basic obedience Behavior Plus is ready to handle any dog.

Using nothing but the most effective and proven methods of positive re-enforcement and correction with nothing but the latest in training aids. (ie tennis balls and Frisbee) We're confident we can work with you and your dog.
Behavior Plus currently consults for Jacks Galore, a national Jack Russell Rescue Organization, and has been called in to work different cases from Maryland to Massachusetts.
We also consult for New York Bull Dog Rescue.
We are approved by the New York City  Department of Health to work with and rehabilitate dogs from their shelters.
We are the recommended trainer for B.A.R K. of NJ to train and rehabilitate new rescues.
Currently working with Long Island Bull Dog Rescue

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