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Louie - Pit Bull Mix
pitbull mix
Louie was the first client and the reason for Behavior Plus. When he was found, he was only 6 months. He was found on the streets looking for food just to survive. He was clearly beaten and abused, and was later discovered to be used as a bait dog for dog fights. At first, Louie was unapproachable to strangers, other than the Pugliese family. After a lot of hard work and lots of love, Louie was able to work with Frank to help other dogs. In December 2015, we lost Louie to cancer, but he will always be with us.
Buster - Skipper Key
skipper key training
Buster, a skipper key, tends to have a mind of his own. A pre-Madonna as some would call him. At 14 years old and semi-retired, Buster has become a great companion and is an excellent walker. On or off the leash, Buster is a lot of fun. Today, Buster is still accompanying our trainers on some of their sessions.
Lucky - Jack Russell
dog training
Lucky was a second rescue. After being at a home not suitable for her, fate had sent her our way. Behavior Plus was originally hired to train her by her original family. But before the training started, the family sent her to be put down and things got a little crazy. Lucky was found in her crate in the pouring rain on a porch by Frank's youngest daughter, Alison. The sweetest dog she had ever met, Alison was shocked that someone could get rid of her. When they brought her home, they had realized she was overly possessive and had some issues with resource guarding. After being reconditioned over several months, Lucky has overcome her possession issues and is a loving, happy, people-friendly dog. You often see Lucky with Frank on his training sessions.
Bella - Pit Bull Mix
pit bull dog training
Bella is about 3 years old but her story is tough. Tied in a shopping cart and left at a Pet Smart, Bella was rescued by B.A.R.K. Moved to a foster home, Bella needed a break. Behavior Plus was able to adopt Bella and she now helps train. She is mild in temperament and well-mannered. Bella works great with all dogs and loves people. Bella is a registered service dog and has completed her service evaluation. Bella works daily and has been able to help Louie get some well-deserved rest.
Cooper - Jack Russell
Pet Care Services
We first came across Cooper by a posting on our Facebook page, a plea for help to save a little Jack Russell dog from a New Jersey shelter where he was languishing, un-adoptable. He was a fierce, cage-aggressive, resource guarder picky with other dogs and energetic. Every trait a Jack Russell exhibits in the shelter system behind bars, Cooper showed it. But he was adorable, so Jacks Galore decided we’d give him a chance; after all, they don’t come much cuter. Behavior Plus picked up Cooper at the request of Jacks Galore. He was to stay a few days, yet he quickly fell into place. An excellent training example with a rock-solid recall, Cooper is a great addition to our pack.
Ronnie - Shepard Mix
dog training
Ronnie is a 4-year-old shepard mix. Ronnie developed some very strong protective instincts. His bite history soon developed and Ronnie was given up. Behavior Plus took Ronnie in and after several months of working with the pack, Ronnie has become a great family dog and a perfect example of off-leash behavior.
Bradford- Pit Bull Mix
pet training services
Bradford is a pit bull mix puppy. Bradford is just 1 year old. Full of energy an innocence, Bradford brings out the best in any dog. Bradford has been with us since he was six months old. He adapted well to the pack and has flourished well at Behavior Plus.
All dogs in our pack share the house they live in and are walked  together in a pack walk each day. These dogs are all capable of working off leash in any environment as well as being utilized in many of our training sessions.


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