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Frank Pugliese - Master Trainer Behaviorist
Frank began training in 2005 and created Behavior Plus in 2008. Working with rescue dogs, Frank gained a tremendous amount of experience dealing with troubled animals. Over the years, he developed a strong, confident presence that dogs responded to. Through experience and training, Frank began to write programs based on the individual dog’s behavior.
Using proven techniques, Frank learned to establish a leadership role and create a bond and trust with some of the worst cases. Rehabilitating dogs became a passion, and the Pugliese family opened their home to some of most damaged dogs. These dogs became his pack and now work with clients to help them solve their behavior problems.
Over the past several years, Frank has been called on by several rescue organizations to work with their worst cases. Traveling up and down the East coast, Frank has successfully assisted owners in rehabilitating their dogs.
Frank's principles are simple. Educate the owner and teach the principles of body, mind and soul and your dog will respond. Believing in yourself creates confidence in your dog, and with this philosophy anything is possible.
Today, the Pugliese house has 7 dogs that are all members of his pack. These dogs are called upon to assist in all aspects of training. Whether aggression or basic obedience, nothing teaches you better than the pack.
Looking to the future, Frank has opened a small obedience school for dogs to work in and has provided a quiet, safe place for consultations.

Kristin Orozovich (CCPDT)
Kristin hired Frank in 2012 when she was at a loss with her 2-year-old border collie mix, Dodger. She adopted Dodger as a puppy that was taken from his mother too soon and was a very fearful, high-energy breed. She went to basic training classes with Dodger and worked with him as best as she knew, yet missed the signs that brought him to become very protective of herself and her family. Dodger was a resource guarder that guarded Kristin, rather than food or toys, from both humans and dogs. When she hired Frank, no one could come within 10 feet of her. Frank worked with Kristin for months and gave her the tools she needed to move forward and become the pack leader.
The program was a success and Kristin began training with Frank a few months later, which began her love of working with dogs. She has thousands of hours working with her own pet as well as working with 100s of client’s dogs. Kristin trains all dogs from working with puppies to working with Frank on the tough cases, rehabilitating them.  
Dodger, now 8 years old, not only has become a loving family pet, but also works with Kristin on a regular basis with other client’s dogs to assist with their rehabilitation. Kristin has been able to introduce another pack member, Oreo, a Jack Russell rescue dog, whom she has been helping to rehabilitate.

Alanna Duffy
Alanna who is the owner of Alanna's Professional Pet Care LLC has joined Behavior Plus and completed training
​with us. She is now working as a trainer in both group and private sessions . She has handled more then 5 dogs at a time as a walker as well as training her own dog. Darla, to work with other dogs. Alanna completed training with Behavior Plus and over the past months has been involved in some of our toughest cases.


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