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 Jacks Galore is a jack russell rescue located in western Massachusetts and we deal with one of the quirkier breeds, surrendered by the hundreds. Frank is our go-to trainer with any and all jack training questions. There are few trainers who understand the breed like Frank does, and he has helped resolve many a problem for adopters’ new family members. Frank has been able to work with dogs that have been abused, came in agressive or are with our adopters who have just basic training issues with their new adopted dog. He is an invaluable member of the Jacks Galore rescue team. We need a trainer that is kind, is a positive reinforcer yet can deal with complex dog behaviors that many rescue dogs bring from their past lives. Jacks Galore is thankful that Frank is always standing by to help us in our quest to rehabilitate as many jacks as we can.
Pauline Clark
Jacks Galore

  It began with me feeling helpless when my pit bull wouldn't go upstairs (I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building), and I was literally carrying her up for the first week! I felt hopeless and desperate. I researched online for personal trainers that dealt specifically with rescues. After speaking to 5 or 6 different "trainers" and not feeling comfortable or thought I was going to be ripped off, I found Frank. I must admit that I was embarrassed when I met Frank and told him my issue. Within minutes, he had my dog going upstairs with no problem. I knew Frank was a keeper! Frank took the time and effort to not only train my dog, but train me to be the master. I kept with Frank until I felt comfortable and my dog was being completely obedient. And when I felt like we were slipping in certain commands, I gave Frank a call, and within a day, he was right back with us to get us back on track. Frank and his pack of dogs changed my life and I will forever be grateful!
Sheera V.
About two years ago i decided to rescue two pit bulls, knowing there is a stigma about them, but wanting to rescue them anyway. After getting a 1.5 year old female as well as a 4 month old male, i found myself with multiple problems: fear of being left alone, not house trained, do not know how to walk on a leash, aggression from my 1.5 year old pitbull towards my 4month old, and subsequent fighting between the two that resulted in bloodshed. I looked for someone who had a grasp on dog psychology and more importantly someone who understood and could read pitbulls. I can honestly say that i lucked out tremendously when i found Frank. Immediately upon meeting me and my dogs he realized that my dogs were running the roost ad that they needed a lot of structure and most importantly, a leader. He taught me how to walk properly with my dogs though all different kinds of exercises, taught me how to recognize behaviors such as guarding, which was instrumental in stopping the fights between the two. He gave me ample guidance on how to train my dogs to stay calm and submissive, he taught me the importance of exercise, discipline, and affection, as well as taught me when to do/exhibit which. His trusty companion Louie came with us on a number of training sessions, and was instrumental in helping my dogs learn how to be calm, submissive animals and part of a pack. He has trained my dogs in whichever environment was needed, which meant that he often had to travel far to get to me, but he always did it without any problems. Furthermore, he makes himself incredibly accessible, and has been kind enough to pick up the phone for emergencies almost in the middle of the night. You can't go wrong with Frank- you will become a leader and your dog will become better for it.
Natasha G.
Had such a great experience with the training, thanks to Frank! My girlfriend and I have two huskies (Gambit and Bella), and both are high energy and we a bit of a handful whenever we would walk them. Frank and his dog (Bella) came and worked with us and made a world of difference. He showed us the proper way to walk them and to have them listen to us on the walk. This made the walk more enjoyable for me as well as my dogs. They would return from the walk, looking so happy and proud.
I would recommend Frank to every dog owner out there. Our dogs loved him and loved how Frank would challenge them with a new task every session. He provided my girlfriend and I with skills and advice to make our lives with Gambit and Bella a totally great one.
Emmanuel W.
Jersey City, NJ


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