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Behavior Modification

No Dog Is Ever Turned Away

Our behavior modification programs are written for each individual case.  Every dog accepted into our program is given a thorough evaluation.  With over 25,000 documented hours, Behavior Plus specializes in tough, problem-solving cases including but not limited to; dogs with fear, aggression, resource guarding, dominance, and severe anxiety.  We have worked with many dogs that other trainers have deemed “untrainable,” and dogs whose owners were considering euthanasia. 

Building Confidence

Our behavior modification training methods are based on energy, body language and touch.  We use exercise, discipline and affection as guidelines, which have been proven to have greater success than other current training methods. 

While not all severe behavior issues are a quick fix; many are easily modifiable as long as you (the owner) remain consistent and diligent with the training protocols we provide specifically for you.  Our individualized behavior modification plan will help you greatly improve on your dog’s existing issues, allowing you to manage unwanted behaviors and enjoy a happier, less stressful life with your dog.

We will evaluate your dog and provide the proper tools and protocols for you to use over the course of our program created specifically for your needs.  We will teach you and your family about behavior signals such as communication and body language and also educate you on dog behavior in general, therefore giving you a full understanding of what may trigger your dog to act a certain way and how to affectively correct the behavior.  

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