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No caseis too big or small for Behvior Plus

Training Customized For You!

Personalized and Professional

Behavior Plus provides you with a complete program written directly for you and your dog.  We meet with you to evaluate your dog in order to address specific behavioral issues and to build a program in order to reach your specific goals.  We give you realistic objectives and provide you with the tools and support to meet those objectives.  At Behavior Plus we are not afraid to take on the tough cases.  Whether aggression or misbehavior, excitement or separation anxiety we are here to help you and your pet build that special bond through exercise, discipline and affection.

These sessions will take place in your home or public areas such as parks, pet stores, etc. Within these sessions you will be given the necessary tools such as exercise, discipline & affection to carry on a long and healthy relationship with you, your family and dog.

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