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No Dog Is Ever Turned Away

All Together Now!

Train in a group setting with dogs around you

Verona- Verona Park

Beginner- Saturday, July 13th 9:30am

Intermediate- Saturday, July 13th 11:00am


CRANFORD- Unami Park

Beginner- Sunday, September 15th 10am

Intermediate- Sunday, September 15th 12pm


Our group sessions are designed around real life situations. We concentrate on proper leash control and handling. Through exercise, discipline and affection we use positive reinforcement techniques to build a strong, trusting bond between you and your dog that will help you in any situation. Throughout the 5-course handlers package we will be covering basic obedience while working through distractions with other dogs and humans.

No dog has ever been turned away.

Our program is fun and easy to learn while gaining confidence in your ability to handle your dog.

5-1 hour long sessions 


Beginner- Saturday, July 13th 9:30am

Intermediate- Sunday, July 14th, 9:30am

For our Paramus classes only

*Puppies 6 months and up!

**Please no kids under the age of 14


Group Locations

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